Daily Dog: A hike, a photo and a rant.

Sam and Luke on the way to potato mountainSo glad we got a quick hike in yesterday! The mountains were gorgeous, the weather was brisk and it was just beautiful. I almost got lazy and stayed home…what a mistake that would have been! It’s so rainy and dreary today and I don’t think we are going to get much, if any, outdoor time.

Instead, I’m inside today, considering whether to fire Instagram. If you’ve been following any of this stuff at all, you know that Facebook bought Instagram and has made a number of changes to the terms of service. They are being very cagey about how they are communicating about it, but while they are agreeing not to “sell your photos” they are specifically staying away from talking about how they fully intend to “use” the photos in any way they choose. So while they claim the photos are still yours, really…they aren’t anymore. Post a photo on Instagram and lose control over how (if) it is used.

I have quite a nice community on Instagram that I’ve enjoyed following and who also follow me. I hate to have to give that up. I’m considering my alternative options…

Here’s what PC Mag has to say: http://www.pcmag.com/slideshow/story/296563/9-awesome-alternatives-to-instagram

I’d love to hear what you guys are thinking about it…if you are thinking about it at all!!! :-/