Luke at 14 weeks

Luke at 14 weeks old is getting to be a big boy! The vet says he can eat as much as he wants because he’s showing no signs of overweight—this pup can pack it away!—and he has put on 4 lbs in in two weeks. He’s growing fast! He can still squeeze through the bars of the fencing around the back yard…but not for much longer, if he keeps going at this rate.

Here are some photos of Luke at 14 weeks. Mostly morning playtime with Sam.

Home Movies Are The Worst

I know, I know…another movie. I promise not to do too many of these, but Luke does cute things that can really only be appreciated in video. Today, Luke and I were out doing some training and there was a guy practicing some sort of acrobatic dance moves. It was too tempting for Luke. He had to go over and see what it was all about. He was about out of gas for the day, so he wasn’t his usual Lukifer-self. Still, pretty cute. He didn’t know what to make of this guy. Frankly, I’m not sure what to make of him either.

Passive Aggressive

Sam is so nice to Luke. He teaches Luke how to play tug, how to chase and fetch. What does he get in return? Luke hangs from Sams’s ears, bites his neck, chomps on his legs and nips his butt. Sam is exacting his revenge in an ostensibly innocuous manner….nonchalantly chewing away on Luke’s bully stick and appearing to be unaware that he is laying across Luke’s favorite squeaky toy. Oh, clever. clever Sam! That’s the way to make this young interloper go mad!

Ferocious Doodles

Sam & Luke (12 weeks) taking a break

Sam and Luke are in constant play. Play, play, play. Except when they’ve worn each other out.

I sent this text to the spouse earlier to describe the past 2 hours or so: tug. tug tug tug. TUG! tug. tuggggg. tug tug tuggggg. tuuuuug. tugtugtugtugtugtugtug. grrrrrrrrrrrrr tug rawwr tugggggg rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrr tug

This is not an exaggeration. This is what they do all the time and for hours. See the next few snaps of them in full rawwrrrr. It’s impressive.















So much changes in a week.

Luke got his second set of shots on Friday, so this means he’s now able to be out and about. I am taking full advantage of this new development. I’ve had him with me anytime I take Sam somewhere, and I don’t have to carry him now, which is a big bonus!

So far, Luke is great on his leash and so fun because people go crazy for him. No photos of this because I’ve got two pups on leash (each kind of doing his own thing…) and I can’t get the spousal unit to go for walks. That’s a separate issue. Basically, I don’t have enough hands. It’s hard enough to get pictures of a puppy, much less a puppy on a leash in full engagement with his older brother—usually tangled and wrestling, each with the other.

So much changes in a week: This week, Luke can climb into the car all by himself, which he does with gusto. Such a confident little guy! He’s also decided that he doesn’t need to ride up front with Mom anymore. Now he rides in the back with his big brother. Like a big dog.

Since it’s taken me a while to get my act together on posting pictures, I have several themes to post. Tonight’s post is Theme #1: Luke at 12 weeks

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