Daily Dog: Do We Need To Say More?

I took the Doodles to get groomed. Sam was getting completely out of control and was looking like a wildman. Luke’s fuzz was falling down over his eyes. I’ve got more photos, more after than before. I’ll get to those and put up any I might particularly like.

In the meantime, here’s this picture of my boy. Sam. He’s a joy in my life.

Of course, any of you who know me, know that whichever doodle I am looking at in the moment, is my favorite. So tomorrow, I’m likely to put up some pictures of Luke and say that he’s the center of my universe. It’s not true. They both are. Continue reading

Daily Dog: Resistance Is Futile

There are few thing in this world as charming and hard to resist as an Australian Labradoodle. When this one comes trotting toward you with his sweet smile, you are in big trouble. It’s all over. He owns you.

Well, he certainly owns me.And that big one back there. He’s no less dangerous in terms of the deadly love force.

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Sometimes You Get a Do-Over

[singlepic id=1266 w=400 h=400 float=left]So we went to the beach a while back and I found myself caught short, with only the camera on my cell phone. The whole “best camera is the one you have with you” situation. I did get some pics, but they weren’t very good. We got to do another beach run and all of a sudden I realized that we were getting a do-over. Continue reading

Camera Swag!

I told you I was going to be getting a bunch of swag for the doodles. And I will. I really will. But there’s so much cool stuff out there. How do I sort through it all? It’s especially hard to sort through all the cool stuff for the doodles when I am distracted by all the cool stuff I could get for taking pictures.

Aha…and now we might be getting a window into what my hold up might be! I have been looking at camera stuff lately. I have my eye on something specific. I will tell you about that another time. (Think camera…) For now, I’m playing around with my new little gadgets. I think there’s still a learning curve with them…but I did have some fun playing around with them today.

So what did you get, Puparazza?? I’ll show you!
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Daily Dog: Gratuitous Cuteness

There is no good reason for all this cuteness. I saw the cuteness and took a picture of it. Now I’m just sharing. And bragging. These doodles are being both sweet and cute. Oh, and they are being fun. That’s not unusual, in case you haven’t noticed.

We went for a good hike this morning and did some photographic experiments. Well, I did the experiments. These guys got roped in as little as possible. They spent as much of their time sniffing, trotting around and chasing each other as they could. Posing for Mom only when absolutely necessary.

We are safely back inside, and I’m working away on another post on this decidedly fall day. This is exactly the kind of weather for hanging out inside, watching some football, snuggling with some dogs and doing some blogging. We’ll see if I get my project done. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t!

In the meantime, you are local and want to join us in our Doodle Day of Beauty, be sure to let us know!