Capitol Reef To Dead Horse Point

The last two vacation spots we really visited were Capitol Reef and Dead Horse Point. This isn’t to say that we didn’t have more vacation adventures. But those were more RV mishap related than fun to photograph. Next RV situation (should there ever be one) will be substantially cushier. Anyhoo…we took pictures. I’ll let them tell the story!


Sam loves Frisbee Australian Labradoodle

Sam loves frisbee…even in Utah!

After leaving Bryce, we were headed for a quick stay in Torrey.

Along the way…also another very scenic trip…we saw some opportunities to stop and let the dogs play, either in the water or just a good place to romp around. And to take pictures, of course.

Sam Australian Labradoodle

Post-Frisbee Smile

Sam, by the way, is getting more and more brave (or is that braver and braver??—I’m just kidding!!). He is now actually retrieving frisbees out of the water. You heard me. He goes into the water (not the ocean, but he will with a stream or creek) and get that frisbee out. I think it’s both courage and extreme focus on “I want my frisbee back!”.You see this smile? This is the reason we stopped any time we could find a place that looked like it would be fun for the Doods to play…look at Sam, he’s so happy!



Bryce Canyon

So Red Rock Canyon was on the way to Bryce. Next up: Bryce Canyon National Park!

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but the Utah state slogan is “Utah: Life Elevated”. The Bryce National Park is 8000 and 9000 foot elevations, and amazing views all around. I’ve just never seen anything like it. So beautiful, hard to describe, and the pictures don’t do it justice. Continue reading


Clearly, we are back up and running after a rather rude interruption in service! Apparently my hard drive broke. Great. So we got another, faster one…and I’m sort of getting my stuff back to normal. Going to finish up those vacation posts and get the new stuff…whatever that is!

Goofing Around Again


I’ve decided to monkey with things a bit, just for the sake of it. If you see anything you like, drop me a note about it…in the meantime, check out the latest thing: Instagram! My new little obsession! I’ve put the pictures I’ve taken in the sidebar. More fun!

Scenic Byway 12: They aren’t kidding!

Australian Labradoodles at Red Rock Canyon

Luke and Sam at Red Rock Canyon

I wasn’t anticipating much on our drive to Bryce from Grand Canyon. I figured we were going to see something great when we got to Bryce, so I settled in for what I thought would be kind of a regular, unremarkable drive. I didn’t know Utah had such lovely countryside, but it really does. It’s just so beautiful! I loved sitting in the shotgun seat and getting to take in the views.

During one of our stops, we had a great conversation with someone who is a Four Corners area local. She told us we just had to take Scenic Byway 12. She was so right! The drive up the 89 had some lovely sights, but when we got onto the 12, within minutes we happened upon this little gem of a scenic stop: Red Rock Canyon. Just gorgeous…and a little taste of what you get to see at Bryce Canyon National Park.

We snapped a few photos: