Grand Canyon: We’re In, We’re Out, Nobody Gets Hurt!


Australian Labradoodles, Sam & Luke, Dos Doodles

Luke & Sam at Grand Canyon

No one remembers that skit from Saturday Night Live. It was a funny one with Kevin Nealon (I think it was him). It was so long ago, I can’t remember more than the hook phrase: We’re in, we’re out, no one gets hurt.

Anyhoo, that’s kind of how we did it at the Big GC. We made it, we saw it, we drove it, we moved on to…where….? I think Bryce Canyon National Park was next…yep, that was it.

Australian Labradoodles, Sam & Luke, Dos Doodles

Here’s just a few of the photos from Grand Canyon. It was pretty….but not much fun stuff to do there with the Doodles except have them fawned over by about a thousand people, and that’s kinda standard for these guys. So, while it’s fun to get lots of love, we were on the hunt for some good hiking!

Australian Labradoodles, Sam & Luke, Dos Doodles

Sam and Luke with a random stranger.

Road Trip: Sedona

[singlepic id=925 w=400 h=240 float=left]Our first stop was Sedona. It was a long day of driving for this first portion of our trip and we didn’t get into the Rancho Sedona RV Park until well after dark, and well after the check-in office was supposed to be closed for the day. Thankfully the nice lady (whose name I’ve managed to forget, sorry!!) could see we are completely at a loss as to what our next step should be once we’d arrived. She walked us through getting settled, and thank goodness…we were so tired we could hardly see straight. What nice people! Continue reading

Dog Was Our Co-pilot.

Australian Labradoodle, Dos Doodles, Sam as Co-pilot

OK, so we are back. Let me tell you, we had some adventures! Most of them were RV Newbie-related. RV-ing has a definite learning curve…and we were renting ours…so you can imagine there were a few things to figure out. Then the whole RV campsite thing was…well…it was a thing unto itself!

I promised a deluge. Hm. Well, that didn’t happen! All the RV spots said they had WiFi, so I thought for sure I would get to do little updates (at the very least) at night. They did have WiFi…but having actual internet that worked?….that was a different story! So we had to adjust some expectations about how all that would go.

But here we are: back home safe and sound, with a lovely time behind us…grateful to be back in comfortable surroundings, and we had a really nice vacation out on the road with Sam and Luke.

Here’s a picture of what our travels were like when we were on the move. Sam hanging with Dad as we drove to our next location…usually with some stops in between for anything that looked like it might be fun for the Doods. More to come in a bit…

We are headed out! We just hit the road today, and it’s all about the Doodles.

Normally, our vacations look a lot more like jetting off somewhere tropical and a fancy hotel, if possible. We could have done that this vacation, too… but then what about the Doods? Stick them in a crate on a plane and stress them out? Or worse, go on vacation without them? I think not!

I can just see it: sitting on the beach with an umbrella drink (preferably a mojito!), miserable and missing the dogs. I’d spend my whole vacation wanting to come home. I don’t see the point in doing that at all! Continue reading