Daily Dog: Family Photo

Australian Labradoodles

Family Photo

So I was fiddling around with my tripod, trying to find a good place to do my silly video review. OMG, I still can’t believe I did that. Anyway…I was preoccupied with whatever had my attention when I looked over and saw the doodles in this configuration.

I did not set this photo up at all. The boys and their sister, just hanging out and probably wondering what I was up to with that contraption. How cute is that? Really. It’s cute overload.

Another fun day with the doods. As always, stay tuned. If we ever finish the tile floors, we might get back to the trails! Or the beach. Or we might travel somewhere…you never know!

Blame Me, But Thank Cindi!

Australian Labradoodle

Sam and Luke heading to the groomer…but they are blissfully ignorant of this fact.

I’d had it. Too many tangles, too many mats! Sam and Luke look adorable all long-haired and rumply, but I can’t keep up. We’ve got hiking and playing, jogging and places to go. We don’t have time for all this brushing ridiculousness!

Plus, it’s hot! It’s time to get out of those fur coats and lighten up. Continue reading

Daily Dog: No Doodle!

I drove about a million miles yesterday to get these…this is what I did instead of doing fun stuff with my doodles. I was productive, but didn’t have as much fun as I’m used to! The doodles were very confused…left at home? For several hours? What?? 🙂