We Love to Babysit

Sam, Luke, Woody (abt 12 weeks) & Chloe

Sam, Luke, Woody (abt 12 weeks) & Chloe

We got to babysit Chloe (Luke’s littermate) and Woody (half brother to all three other doodles). I can tell you, this is a fun thing to get to do! It’s also part of the reason I haven’t posted much…I’ve been busy with the “chores”. These involve playing, snuggling, chasing, supervising (the littlest monster) and the taking and posting of pictures to Instagram.

Have you been following us on Instagram? If not, why not?? Instagram is super fun! You get to see a ton of really great photos, meet and communicate with really nice folks, and of course you get to see a lot of “as they happen” photos of the Dos Doodles.

I do have my feed over there on the sidebar, but that is just really intended to get you to want to come see the rest of the photos. Come on over and follow me. If you want.

Or just keep coming back here. We post a picture or two here, as well. 🙂

Wiggle Waggle Walk 2012

[singlepic id=1156 w=275 h=275 float=left]Yep. We did it again. We gathered up some friends and we attended the Wiggle Waggle Walk again this year. As always, we love to support a great cause, and this one is just that. Wiggle Waggle is a fundraising event to benefit the Pasadena Humane Society and all the great work that they do. I think they even made their goal this year…so that’s good news! Continue reading