Kong Rescue

Doodles in Kong Heaven

Sam and Luke in Kong Heaven

The person who invented the Kong was genius in their inspiration. Almost as good as the bully stick in it’s power to tame my wild dervishes on a rainy day with no walk is the overstuffed Kong. We’re talking treats, biscuits, jerky, peanut butter–the works–stuffed and packed and jammed in there. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

This is serious business tonight because the Doodles really could have used some outdoor time. But I’m not letting them out in the yard unsupervised–there are too many interesting things to find under my lawn, and the boys are all too willing to excavate them for me. This Puparazza is also not going to be standing outside in the cold and damp to provide the necessary supervision, either. All that restriction, and no walk today for the Doodles. Not fair!

It’s taken me a while to get all the pictures done and to futz around with a bunch of other things. Sam and Luke made it through the Kongs and now are each in a peanut butter- induced coma.

With both dogs knocked out from food happiness, I have time to tinker with Photoshop and to think about what I’m going to post about if I don’t have pictures tomorrow! This weather has been uncooperative, and that makes it hard to be creative photo-wise. Although I do have an idea that comes to mind, now that I’m writing about having no ideas! But I’m going to hold that thought and see what I can do about it on Monday. Ok, so that’s brewing in the background.

Stay tuned. I may have pictures tomorrow. With any luck, I’ll have some fun pictures for sure on Monday!

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12 thoughts on “Kong Rescue

  1. Looking for a L . D for a granddaughter my sons inlaws have a sweet male that we all feel in love with from Austin,that breeder is no longer breeding. got any suggestions around Dallas?

    • I don’t know a breeder in Dallas. The only breeder I know is local to us, and is where I got Sam and Luke. I do recommend (obviously!), so check his dogs out at BeaumondeLabradoodles.com. I know he regularly ships dogs, so you could check in with him about that. If you are set on using a local breeder, he may have a recommendation for you. Stay in touch and let me know how it goes!

    • beaumondelabradoodles.com. Located in Norco, Calif. This breeder ships all over the world. Has been breeding these dogs for over six yrs. LOVE MY LABRADOODLE !!

      • LOL You sound exactly like me! Seriously, I love my dogs so much it’s ridiculous. They are great dogs and Curt does a great job breeding really good Doodles. Haven’t seen a bad one yet. 🙂

  2. I am getting my first puppy from Curtiss possibly next Spring (Thistle/Hank) to join our family. We have a Standard Poodle and I’m so excited to get a Labradoodle! I would love to have a puppy just like Sam or Luke, love their coloring, too cute!!!

      • I tend to do a ton of research before anything, and I really love her offspring. So far my picks in animals have been very successful! But yes, they are all beautiful! I actually live on the east coast, but prefer the size, coloring, and look of his dogs over the breeders out here (many breed smaller doodles). I was also interested in a Rasheena puppy but wasn’t ready for the last litter.

        • Well, if you love Thistle’s offspring all the way from the east coast, watch out! Just wait until you get to know them in person. I’m excited for you to get your pup. The waiting is the hardest part! It’s torture.

  3. Waiting. Not Waiting List! The Waiting is hard. The waiting list is nothing… there’s no such thing. The dogs are awesome…can’t go wrong. ~~grin~~

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