Doodles Love the Mountains

Sam in Scenery

I took Sam and Luke to the mountains near home today. I let them off-leash and we had a ball! I’m going to go again soon so we can get enough elevation to see snow. But for today, I’ll just have to settle for getting both–yes, both!–doodles to cross the creek, in the water!

I loved scrambling over the rocks and across the creek, back and forth a few times. We made our way up the hill for a while, until the clouds looked like they might cause us some problems. So we headed back and had just a great time the whole way…

Next time we go hiking up there (which I hope will be in a couple of weeks), I want to see if we can get all the way up to where the snow line is. Sam and Luke have not yet seen snow, and I imagine it could be pretty entertaining! I think that might be great for an upcoming post…

In the meantime…I have a plan I hope will work for tomorrow’s post. Not sure how/if I can pull it off. More about that soon!

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