Thanksgiving in Carmel: Thursday

[singlepic id=590 w=320 h=240 float=left] We piled the truck full of our stuff and the Doods and made our way out of town. We settled in for a nice drive up to Carmel with Sam and Luke in the back seat. I even dressed the guys up in special traveling gear… What do you think? I never dress the dogs up, but I couldn’t resist the funky-cool tie-dyed bandanas at REI. I think they look pretty cute!

We arrived here in the late afternoon and are staying in an amazing little cottage 1 block from the beach. We got ourselves all organized and “moved in”, fed the dogs and did what anyone in their right mind would do upon arrival in Carmel: we made a beeline to the beach. There were only a few minutes of daylight left, but what a good choice it was to head out there rather than stay in and have wine—plenty of time for that after the sun goes down! Here are some pictures of the astounding sunset we had the pleasure of sharing tonight. Hope you enjoy the photos.

More to come as we figure out what adventures and/or trouble we might get into tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Carmel: Thursday

  1. How beautiful the pics at the beach!! We just love it up there!.Wish we were there—-enjoy your time up the coast and Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Sandie and Harvey

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