Doodles Tried to Dig to China


I took Sam and Luke to Sudsy Dog to get them both cleaned up. They were both kind of grungy and Luke’s eyes were hidden behind the overgrown pom pom on his head. We did this yesterday and it took about 4 hours, all told. But they were clean and brushed and beautiful. Oh, and they smelled great.

It’s raining quite a lot this morning and I put the dogs out for a quick potty break. I also thought the rain might help their coats curl up a bit after being blown straight-ish. Then I got into something I was doing and completely forgot that I’d put them outside. Yikes! This is what I was treated to after the four hours of work I invested yesterday and a brief (?) lapse in concentration today.

Bad (but happy) Doodles


I’m very happy with the hole in my lawn. I just can’t get enough of these.

The Hole to China

All is right in the world after a rescue bath and blowdry—cute, good-smelling, and trapped indoors for the duration!

Oh that face...OK, Luke, you are forgiven! But I know you started it!

Sam is all clean and extra fluffy

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5 thoughts on “Doodles Tried to Dig to China

  1. sorry! I cant help but chuck alittle bit. after our chat about Kael and his hole in my laundry room wall. Puppies you just have to love them.

  2. Puparazza, all you can do is laugh. my pups bring me a lot of joy. and an occasional hole in the wall, rocks on the patio. etc…Kael hasn’t dug the grass yet (realist, I know it’s coming.. lol) I just realized last night that he can jump, and decided my bed was the perfect place. i have a strict (yeah right) no Rotts on the bed policy…

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