ABCD (Another Bad Camera Day). Seriously?

Oh, for heaven’s sake. My camera was hijacked again today. Thanks a lot, Person Other Than Me Who Lives Here!

The camera on my phone is intermittently wonky. The Itsy Bitsy Canon seriously isn’t up to the task. I guess I’ll try one of the other two cameras in the house. Since the battery was in the charger and ready to go, I pulled out the Baby Leica, a point and shoot digital camera. This is a cute little camera. But cute is not what we are looking for here. If you are going to get good shots of Doodles, you have to have some real equipment! Well, the Baby Leica is what I have available—since somebody took the good camera (and the other camera’s battery needs to be charged)!

So off we went to play with Luke’s litter mate Elton.

This is young master Elton

Sam kept an eye on me while the two jokers mixed it up in the yard.

There was a lot of tussling and general affray amongst the Doodles, most of which Sam avoided. He preferred to play tug with me or fetch the stuffed duck. He was also avoiding Sarah (the big poodle that scares him to death). She was around today, too. She was in a good mood this time, but Sam was still not going to take any chances. She’s pretty mean if she is in a bad mood. So he stayed close by me, just to be sure I would be OK (wink, wink).

Hey Elton. What’s all over your face?


It was a beautiful afternoon and I was having such a pleasant conversation with Elton’s mom that I didn’t realize the two little ones had been suspiciously quiet for a while. Quiet and invisible. Uh oh. Where are you guys?

Alright…where have you guys been? And Elton, what’s all over your face? And your feet? Uh oh, where’s Luke?

Uh oh. Luke, what did you get all over your face?

Hey Mister. Come on over here and let me see what’s going on with your face. What did you guys get into? And how long is it going to take me to clean you up??

Let me see your face.


Luke. Let me see what you have on your face…


Luke! Hold still, sheesh!

Ahhhh, OK. Nice and muddy. Well done, my little monster!

All of that, and not a single one of these photos was a “good one”. I have one more camera to try out as my go-to back up camera. If that’s a bust, I think Santa will need to start looking for a good replacement for me to have on hand. I need a good camera for the next time a camera gremlin takes off with my gear!

The Baby Leica shoots a passable photo if the subject is holding very, very still…and is an Australian Labradoodle. <<grin>>


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2 thoughts on “ABCD (Another Bad Camera Day). Seriously?

    • Hi there…I lodged my complaint about my disappearing camera with The Other Person Who Lives Here…I didn’t get any sympathy! :-/ I’m seriously going to have a chat with Santa. Luke and Elton are adorable together. They love each other like Sam and Penny do. The littermate-thing is amazing. Sam and Luke have had regular contact with Penny & Elton since we brought them home! Sometimes I’m worried that Sam looks at me as the Person Who Takes Him Away From His Sister. LOL

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