The Dog Beach Dogs…And Their People

It’s always fun to go to the Dog Beach. Not just because we get to run around in the sand and throw the frisbee. It’s also a great opportunity to spend time with other folks who are as nutty about their dogs as we are about our Doodles. A generally nice collection of people who are friendly, they love to stop, chat about the dogs and otherwise shoot the breeze.

We met some nice folks with these adorable little Dachshunds. One of them is a Soft Coated Wire Dachshund named Scrapple who is almost exactly the same age as Luke—born just one week apart Luke just could not get enough of playing with this little character. The pictures make Luke look like a giant bully, but that tiny little Scrapple was really holding his own!

I got a bunch of pictures of the two of them. Again, I swear, Luke was not torturing this little guy. Scrapple (the scrappy!) kept coming back for more. [nggallery id=31]

We also met a darling little four month old Labradoodle named Sasparilla. At only four months old, she was about as big as Luke. She’s going to be a big girl!





Of course, going anywhere with the Doodles gives me the opportunity to talk to people about how great Australian Labradoodles are. I get stopped all the time by people wondering what kind of dogs they are. And getting out and about means I get to take more pictures of them! Here are a few Sam and Luke photos from today that I particularly liked.

Sam looks pretty happy with this beach find

Luke looking at the horizon

Luke is the sweetest dog…such a lover!

More pictures from today…a great day for pictures.

Luke taking a break from being the Dog Beach Greeter

Luke breaking hearts all up and down the beach.

Beautiful sky today

A run on the beach


Sam and Luke don’t like it when I try to pose them. It never really works out.

We met this dog with the most amazing eyes!

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4 thoughts on “The Dog Beach Dogs…And Their People

  1. Hey, Doodles! It was fun to frolic with you! I should send you some photos of me, dry. These are great pix of us in action, but really, I’m almost as curly as you guys. Honest.
    I am proud to be on Dos Doodles, as are my friends Laszlo and Zazie. Have a happy New Year.

    • Hi there…thanks for stopping by and leaving us a note! Hope you will send us some pictures of Scrapple (and Laszlo and Zazie) all dry. I have to say that I think they look fabulous all wet and sandy from playing. I love seeing dogs happy, and usually that requires water, mud, toys or a large hole. Or some combination thereof. 🙂 We hope you’ll stay in touch and perhaps we’ll get to see you at the beach again!

  2. Great photo’s, Charlie (my oodle!) would just love to frolic in the sand with Luke & Sam 🙂 Great beach where is it? I have just started a blog & will be including the adventures of Charlie. In fact charlie’s bestie is a labradoodle named ‘Rusty’. Have a dogtastic day 🙂

    • Hi there! We are always up for meeting and getting to know other “oodles”! The beaches we’ve visited so far are Huntington Dog Beach, Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach and the beach in Carmel. The Doods love love love the beach! Thanks for checking out the Dos Doodles blog and leaving us a note. We are going to head on over to your blog to say hi back! Hope you will upload a picture of Charlie so he can join our wall of fame on the Oodles of Doodles page! 🙂

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