Lazy Dogs Rule Here

[singlepic id=765 w=320 h=240 float=left]The Doodles really deserved an outing today after the extra office-bound week they had. Luke was with Daddy and Sam was with Mom. Both Mom and Dad were overworked and the Doods didn’t get the usual amount of outdoor love they are accustomed to enjoying. So today was the day! Outside, and let’s have some fun!

We hit the trail with the Doodles and Luke’s brother Elton. We were having such a great time, the Puparazza forgot to take pictures until it dawned on her…Oh heck, I haven’t taken any pictures! So we just have the one from the trail. Luke, Elton and Sam in the back.

[singlepic id=759 w=400 h=400 float=left]We were hungry from our outing and went in search of food….at a dog-friendly location. Elton’s mom Laura suggested we head out to West Covina to try Lazy Dog Cafe. Ummmm. Laura, that was such a good idea! The food was great and the staff was really nice to the dogs.

They are not as dog-centric as some places, but it’s hard to fault them for much of anything. The service was so attentive and professional, the food is great and they were busy! The patio had lots of room, so it wasn’t hard to have our dogs there and worry about being on top of other people. I was really impressed with everything. So it’s a thumbs up from the Puparazza on this place!

[singlepic id=761 w=320 h=240 float=right]While we were there, we hung out with some new friends. Vincent, one of the coolest kids ever, decided that the dogs needed to wear his hat. They didn’t seem to mind. Here are some pictures from our fun lunch. Enjoy!

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