Daily Dog: Luke is 11 months

What? Luke is 11 months old? How did that happen? OK, well …I’ll just try to keep it together. I don’t understand why this is going by so quickly. Here we are almost a year later, and these dogs are still pretty great. Now that little Lukifer we brought home has turned into a darling, sweet, smiling, bend-in-half-wagging-at-you sweetheart. Everyone loves Luke. He’s adorable. If you want to make this little guy’s day, just say hi.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Dog: Luke is 11 months

  1. You’re a beauty Luke ! Happy 11 months. I think you & Sam hit the Lotto
    when you found your owners.

    • Thanks for the kind words…we think Luke is adorable! And we do love our Doods…well anyone who has Doodles loves them, right? 🙂

  2. I am bored at work..post some more pictures… I also plugged your site to a friend… she like the pics of K and K…..

  3. I think Sandy said they are plannig a beach day on april 1st with Harvey and Lucy . I will check this week and let you know. I will try and make it ( i have friends coming in from Germany)

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