Daily Dog: Going Cross-Eyed

The Puparazza (also known as the Doodle Mom) has been working herself into an early grave, and the poor Doodles haven’t been getting the outings they so richly deserve. Which is to say, I’m pooped and so we are not going on the adventures we’d like to be taking. But be patient, folks…they are coming, I assure you!

Yesterday afternoon, I just couldn’t take it anymore and piled the guys into the car for an outing at a favorite haunt: Huntington Dog Beach. Yes….AGAIN. You can’t beat it for room to run, smells to smell, people to charm, dogs to meet…and for Sam, a ball to chase until he’s dead.

An exhausted Puparazza means the pictures will dribble in. This is a good one from yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever captured Sam looking cross-eyed. I love that dog.

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