Scenic Byway 12: They aren’t kidding!

Australian Labradoodles at Red Rock Canyon

Luke and Sam at Red Rock Canyon

I wasn’t anticipating much on our drive to Bryce from Grand Canyon. I figured we were going to see something great when we got to Bryce, so I settled in for what I thought would be kind of a regular, unremarkable drive. I didn’t know Utah had such lovely countryside, but it really does. It’s just so beautiful! I loved sitting in the shotgun seat and getting to take in the views.

During one of our stops, we had a great conversation with someone who is a Four Corners area local. She told us we just had to take Scenic Byway 12. She was so right! The drive up the 89 had some lovely sights, but when we got onto the 12, within minutes we happened upon this little gem of a scenic stop: Red Rock Canyon. Just gorgeous…and a little taste of what you get to see at Bryce Canyon National Park.

We snapped a few photos:



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