Sam loves Frisbee Australian Labradoodle

Sam loves frisbee…even in Utah!

After leaving Bryce, we were headed for a quick stay in Torrey.

Along the way…also another very scenic trip…we saw some opportunities to stop and let the dogs play, either in the water or just a good place to romp around. And to take pictures, of course.

Sam Australian Labradoodle

Post-Frisbee Smile

Sam, by the way, is getting more and more brave (or is that braver and braver??—I’m just kidding!!). He is now actually retrieving frisbees out of the water. You heard me. He goes into the water (not the ocean, but he will with a stream or creek) and get that frisbee out. I think it’s both courage and extreme focus on “I want my frisbee back!”.You see this smile? This is the reason we stopped any time we could find a place that looked like it would be fun for the Doods to play…look at Sam, he’s so happy!


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