Blame Me, But Thank Cindi!

Australian Labradoodle

Sam and Luke heading to the groomer…but they are blissfully ignorant of this fact.

I’d had it. Too many tangles, too many mats! Sam and Luke look adorable all long-haired and rumply, but I can’t keep up. We’ve got hiking and playing, jogging and places to go. We don’t have time for all this brushing ridiculousness!

Plus, it’s hot! It’s time to get out of those fur coats and lighten up.

You see where I’m going with this, right? We are going to the groomer. Immediately. Now. Can’t wait another moment. At least, that’s how I felt early last week when I called Cindi at Sudsy Dog. I couldn’t get in earlier, so we got an appointment for Sunday.

In the meantime, the mats grew and grew. And grew.

It took some doing to get these doods all washed, brushed, trimmed and coiffed. Cindi is my forever hero. I won’t even begin to tell you how late she stayed to get it right. And it was totally my fault that it took so long. Take my advice: brush your dog before you take them to the groomer unless you want them shaved! Or take them to Cindi. Cindi knew I didn’t want to shave the doods, so we had to de-mat them before clipping. FYI, that takes a while…and when you have a dog who objects as fervently as Luke, it takes a while longer than that.

However. As you know, whenever there is a before picture, there is going to be an after picture…so here we are. The fruits of our labors and Cindi’s unending patience. I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist letting their coats get long again…I just love the look. But I feel so so so much better with their summer cuts! No mats and they look so much cooler!

And they are super-soft and smell great!

Ta daaaaaa!

Australian Labradoodle

After photo: Luke


Australian Labradoodle

After photo: Sam. (That’s sister Penny in the background!)


They look good, right??

I mean, I know…they always look good (don’t want to hurt their feelings). I’m just saying…they look especially good now.

Thanks to Cindi…she’s the magic behind the scissors. 🙂




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