The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You

You know how much I love to go to the beach with friends and dogs. Truthfully, I love to do almost anything as long as it involves the Doodles. Friends are a bonus, but the Doods are not optional!

I needed something really low key, so today’s plan was to just head down to the beach for a quick run and to have breakfast. Doods and Rotts. I needed to get out of town and to feel the sand, the ocean, breeze. I didn’t even plan to really take any pictures. Maybe just a snap or two with the camera on my phone.


That plan seemed to be going as expected. Just another day at the beach. Pun intended! These pictures show what I mean…this is how the usual beach morning goes. I run up and down the beach and the boys trot along at the water’s edge. I can’t really carry the big camera when we are running so I left it at home. Darn it…big mistake. I didn’t know that Sam was going to do something super unexpected!

It’s not like a miracle for the ages or anything, but in our usual post-run game of fetch, Sam was exceptionally brave and was running out into the water to fetch the ball. And by water, I mean ocean! What? Really? Yes, really!! He never does this. He’s notoriously afraid of the water and would never willingly run into the water—ocean, river or pool.

I still can’t believe it. We had just a great time…Not only were Sam and Luke running around in the water (Sam more than Luke), the Rotts were in the water, too. It was an unprecedented day, all the way around. I took the best pictures I could get with my phone and some videos, too. I’ll upload those later…I think they could potentially fall into the boring home movie category, but I am going to do it anyway.

Here are the photos from today. I had some editing fun with them, since they were not the best quality.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You

  1. You are right it was a great day. It was so shocking to see all the dogs playing in the water. When you have time I would love to see more pictures of the rotts in the water since I can’t get them in the pool either.

  2. Hi!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a short while now on the the recommendation of Curtis, breeder extraordinaire of beau monde labradoodles. My husband and I visited him and we were very impressed with all his doodles and the relaxed vibe that all the pups have. We have secured a pup from luv’s litter (not yet conceived), and this little girl can not come quick enough! Unfortunately, we have recently lost our beloved doodle, our lanie girl. She was 6 years old and lost her short life to acute hepatitis. It was such a nightmare and has been so very difficult accepting she is gone, forever. She was my 24/7 companion, where we went, she went. She was extremely intelligent, intuitive, and beautiful. Basically, human in a dog suit, and we miss her so much.
    Dos doodles has been a short escape from reality for me and I just wanted you to know. Your dogs are both great, and it is so apparent that you love them dearly.
    Thank you,

    • Dear Geri—
      I’m so glad to meet you! Thanks for sharing about your doodle, Lanie. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to lose her—I hope you will consider posting up a picture of her on the Oodles of Doodles page, so we can have a part in carrying her memory forward.

      You couldn’t be more correct about the “relaxed vibe” from the pups. I know a number of dogs that have come from Curt’s Beau Monde Labradoodles and while they all have different personalities, they have very similar temperaments—they are loving, sweet, connected and low-to-no-drama as pups. You know, I never did puppy-proof my house. Truthfully, the only thing we really did to deal with any puppy-stage behavior was to keep shoes up off the floor. That’s about it. Seriously, no drama with either of my pups. No wonder I want more of them…they are just fun!

      I’m am happy to hear that I could provide you with a “short escape” from your sadness about Lanie. No dog will every replace her, I’m sure. But your new puppy will take a special place in your heart—that’s for certain. These doodles are so loving and fun and everything you could hope for. Trust me.

      While you are waiting for your puppy, I hope you will stay in touch with us…and we’ll keep doing stuff, taking pictures and generally being ridiculously in love with the Doods!

      • Thank you so much for your warm welcome. you are very kind. Lanie loved having her picture taken, so we can definitely post some pictures on the “oodles of doodles” page.

        It is a daily struggle living without her, but i am trying to be thankful for the 6 years we had “with” her. It just isn’t that easy.

        You’re right! There will never be another lanie, that’s for sure, but the new puppy will be loved and we are excited for her!

        Thanks again,


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