Award Winning Doodles


Sam and Luke are officially good citizens. Some might even say they are award winning dogs… 🙂

Well…at least, that’s what we are calling them!

Guess who got their CGC’s? What’s a CGC, you ask? Canine Good Citizen certificate! Both Sam and Luke went through the training (mostly flying colors) and they passed the test at the end of the training. Phew!

I shouldn’t have been nervous. These guys are great dogs, and are always wanting to please. Except when they are intent on chasing a squirrel. Even the best doodle has his limitations.

Anyway…what was I talking about? Oh, right. CGC….

We did our training with Angela at the Zoom Room and now we are official! The Doods were awarded their CGC certificate, and so are award-winning Doodles. Right? I think that’s how it goes…

Hmmmm, either way, here are a few pictures of Sam and Luke showing off their fabulousness…

[nggallery id=61]

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4 thoughts on “Award Winning Doodles

  1. WOW, we already knew they were smart and loving and now we know they really are human, and good citizens at that!

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