Getting My Doodle Puppy Fix–One Way Or Another!

[singlepic id=1200 w=200 h=200 float=left]So we had a little Doodle get together recently. We got to have Chester and his littermate Ginger visit and play with Luke and Sam. There was quite a bit of romping around, hanging out and one of the doods even ended up in the pool. [singlepic id=1207 w=200 h=200 float=right]I think there are pictures of that somewhere…I just have to get my hands on them. Then Woody and Chloe came over. More romping ensued, and a fun time all around…I seriously cannot get enough of these doodle babies.

[singlepic id=1222 w=200 h=200 float=left]Thank goodness for friends getting puppies. What would I do otherwise? Oh my gosh, the cuteness! They are all so amazing and I want a new one every year. Wait…I hear yelling from the other end of the house. Shhhhh! That’s my husband hollering that I’m not allowed to have more doodles. Dang it! Busted again.

[singlepic id=1216 w=300 h=300 float=right]Fine. I’ll just hang out with as many new doodle owners as I can find. Seriously, I don’t know why you would call me obsessed! It’s an unfair characterization. Just because I hang out with doodle owners, take pictures and am incessantly posting something, either here or on Instagram…I can’t see why you would say I have a problem. I don’t have a problem!

I can quit any time I want. I can.


[singlepic id=1206 w=300 h=300 float=left]Oh fine, I can’t. Whatever. Here are the pictures, even though you are being really mean and making me confess all my weaknesses.

In the meantime, I’d like to point out that at the end of this day I had double the number of doodles I normally have–even if I only got to keep that extra two for a few days. Still. It was a small victory.

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8 thoughts on “Getting My Doodle Puppy Fix–One Way Or Another!

  1. Ok Tamson, that puppy is too darn cute!!!!! What breeder did the cute thing come from?? And then you had to give it up???? That is do darn hard my friend!

  2. Hi,

    I met you and your sweet dogs recently at Curtis home before you all went to dinner with friends. We have a luv of a pup, Cooper! Cooper is Cherry K and Hank litter and I’m curious if that is Chester or Gingers litter? He would love to meet up with one of his litter mates or half siblings for a play date if we can join you all sometime?


    • Hi Renee!
      So you got a Cherri K puppy? How wonderful for you! Cherri K is a great girl—her pups are gorgeous! I just looked back at Curt’s site and see that the litter is a couple of weeks younger than the Firefly pups—Chester and Ginger are Firefly puppies. I also got a peek at your boy when he was an adorable fluff ball! What a darling, darling boy!

      We are always planning get-togethers and you are really welcome to join us. Chester and Ginger now have all their shots, Woody is about to be done with his…so that means that the crop of young ones are just about ready to hit the wide world, and we’ll be able to do way more stuff together! Of course, we’d love to have you join us. We love to get together and socialize—people, as well as dogs!

      I’m working on something for the blog that will help us all connect. Until I get that all figured out, I’ll send you an email so we can be in touch about the next get together…which should be soon! All the babies are almost old enough to go down the the dog beach, and all the big dogs are waaay over due for a beach trip! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving us a note…it’s always fun to meet new people via the blog and in person!


      • Cooper is getting his rabies shot on Friday and ready for any upcoming play dates! He is such a luv, we can’t get enough of the little guy. So sweet!

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