The Sudsy Dog Antidote To The Mean Groomer Problem…

So Luke’s grooming got interrupted and he ended up with a crazy-big head on a skinny little body. He looked silly. We needed to undo the silly look and we needed to have him experience getting groomed by someone who is NICE to the dogs that come in for their salon time!

Enter our friend Cindi. I have known Cindi for a million years and from several lifetimes ago…in her current life, she’s a fabulous groomer and a co-owner of Sudsy Dog in Lakewood, CA. (Highly Recommend!!)

Cindi, who was nice to Luke the whole time (even though he was completely oppositional to the entire process), was able to undo a lot of the mean-groomer-damage and get rid of that ridiculous pom-pom of a head he had going. Pictures below.

As I’ve said before, if you live in or near Lakewood, you should go to Sudsy Dog. If you don’t, it’s worth the drive. These are nice people who are nice to you and to your dogs. A cool small business providing a good service to their community and the dogs who live in it!

Oh, and PS….Luke’s doing much better. We continue to desensitize him to getting grabbed and jostled. But no dog should be handled by someone who is putting their hands on them in anger. There’s no “desensitizing” for that!


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