Luke Bloopers

[singlepic id=436 w=320 h=240 float=left]Getting a good photo of Sam is a piece of cake. In fact, you have to be really blowing it if you can’t take a few shots and walk away with at least one really nice picture. Sam poses. He’s still, he looks right at you, and he’s mostly interested in what you might be doing. Luke? Not so much!

That little clown! It’s kind of hard to get a good shot of him. If I do manage get a good picture of him, it’s pretty much by accident. Or persistence. Here is a collage of some (but not all!) of the missed shots from today. And by missed shots, I am including the ones where he actually wrecks the shot in some way…getting up, yawning reallllllllly big, turning his head at the last minute or developing profound deafness at convenient moments so he “doesn’t hear me” calling his name. Silly pup. He’s so cute (see the one pic in the middle of the collage) that the good photos I do actually get, albeit by happenstance…well, they are totally worth it. Look at that sweet little face…! He’s a little Australian Labradoodle with a big personality. (I think that might be a blog post title in the future…!)

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3 thoughts on “Luke Bloopers

    • He’s a cutie! And a pill…. 🙂 I don’t know about Sunday at the beach. Should we try to make a back up plan if the weather is crummy?

  1. Hubby thinks its will be to cool so we may pass. Harvey loves that water! Can’t think of another activity off the cuff at the moment.

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