THE STUFF: This product keeps the Dos Doodles looking so gorgeous. Both of the Doods have pretty curly/wavy coats that get super soft and smells great when I spritz them with The Stuff.
It’s so great. Highly recommend!

Les Poochs™ Regular Sized<br>Medium Flex<br>RED BRUSHLES POOCHES BRUSHES: We love these brushes! People rave about them, and it’s not hype. They really do make grooming much easier. We get ours at Doodle Country Store. We recommend this site because they have a lot of information about the brushes and you can buy them there….and especially because you can email Kemp about your doodle’s coat. He’s the store owner. He’ll get back to you quickly and direct you to the right brush for your dood. He’s super helpful, and a nice guy!

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