There are some pretty great Instagram feeds out there. We thought it might be fun to feature some for our readers on the blog. If you’d like us to add your feed to our list, just send us your info by leaving a comment on this page!

Once we add you, all the photos you mark with the hastag #dosdoodles will show up here!

Cool Feeds:








5 thoughts on “Instagram!

  1. Hello, It’s Cooper’s Mommy. We met with you at dog beach HB recently. I’m new to the instagram thing but would love to learn and join in the fun pics!

    • Hi Renee! I hope you will get an instagram account…it’s addicting and fun! You can set up your account online at and go to your app store for your phone service — mine is the google play store because I have an android phone. Iphones are different, so I’m not completely sure what the app store is called. In either case, you download the instagram app onto your phone and log in…then you should be good to go! Here’s a link for an instagram wiki

      Have fun! Instagram is super fun!

  2. Hello,

    Hi we met with you and group of doodle mommies and daddies at the beach with Curtis probably back in November when Cooper was still a little pup. I had my daughter with me who was a bit nervous about all the romping and rolling. 🙂 We have been enjoying Long Beach dog beach plenty. You were on your was after to have your dogs groomed. May I ask who the referral was? I believe it was in Lakewood. I think Cooper is a little overdue being 8 months now and starting to look like a sheep dog. Also noticing lots of hair in his ears? Can we meet with you again sometime at the beach for another play date that would be great!


  3. We would love to know when you plan the next doodle play date. We just got a little girl from Curtis. Her name is Ruby:) we are in Southern orange county.

    Thanks, Erin

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