The Doodles Love TV

Sam”s never been much of a TV watcher. Luke, however, seems to love football. He loves football and anything that has dogs in it. Whenever there is a commercial or a TV show with dogs in it, Luke becomes very alert. It’s so cute to watch—well shoot, everything with these dogs is cute to watch!

So knowing that Luke loves to watch stuff with dogs in it, I got the bright idea to show him a documentary about dogs (yes, a dog-u-mentary) because I thought he’d like it. I was right…and Sam was into it too!

I think we can add the TV special called “Dogs Decoded” to the list of things the Doodles like. I would recommend it…not just because your dog might enjoy watching it, but because you certainly will find it very interesting! I linked to the PBS website, but we watched it streaming from NetFlix…just so you know you can also rent it if you want to.

Tomorrow’s post is coming up. We went exploring again…this time to another beach town. A nice morning with some good pictures to share….see you tomorrow!

Doodle Day of Beauty

I’m busily working on a new way to display the videos (AKA home movies!). And as usual, there is a learning curve to using my new (but fun!) gear. Yesterday’s attempt was to get a time-lapse video of the doodles getting a grooming, beginning to end. Of course there were glitches that completely unhinged the whole thing, not the least of which is that I left the big video card I just got plugged into my computer. Ack. Had to run out and get another one, and of course, the store didn’t have the big one, just one half the size I needed. Undaunted, though. I just trudge ahead and see what I can figure out.

I have two more of these videos that you can see on YouTube. I’m just posting this one because a) I promised it last night, but completely passed out on the couch; and 2) I see that a number of my favorite folks have checked in—presumably to see if I finally posted something. I guess I better get with the program.


What I am trying to do is figure out how to post smaller-sized versions of the videos, so they don’t show up so huge on the posts. I’m also trying to make a page with just the archived videos, too. It’s a project. I’ll let you know how it goes. Or you’ll see it.

In the meantime, you can check this out…and the other two clips of this Day of Beauty. The Doodles could seriously do without it!

Grocery Run!


With our fun new little gizmo, we are probably going to…well, I am probably going to…make a bunch of home movies. I think that I am going to make a page for them!

This one started off as an experiment to see if I could catch Luke doing his looking-out-the-back-window thing. Which is really cute. He’s adorable all the time, but I imagine that being behind our car, watching him looking at you would be pretty devastatingly cute. I wasn’t sure I had the right angle, so I moved the camera back up to the front. I did have it right the first time, though. I’ll try it with the camera in the back of the car again soon!

So here we have it, my second attempt at a home movie. These are fun to do!

Doodles “Go Pro”

Verrry few things the Puparazza likes better than new gear! Aha! We now own a Go Pro with some cool attachments and the ever-important preview screen (otherwise how the heck do you know what you are shooting? there’s no viewfinder!).

We got to use it for the first time and of course, of course, of course, the battery wasn’t fully charged. Technical difficulties are a pain! I only got a few minutes worth of frames, but it gives us an idea of some of the cool things we can do with this little box o fun!

Here’s what the Doodles do on car rides. More like this to come. I have some fun ideas to catch these guys in action.

I’m not a computer genius…at all.


I’m working on the theme again! Don’t give up on us. If you can’t find all our great pictures and posts, they’ll be back really soon! Hang in there and we’ll see how this goes!

Update: We are back to the usual theme for the moment, so it should all look pretty normal. I am going to keep messing around with this over the weekend and see if I can figure out the most recent thing that has me stumped. I really should have a picture of someone sitting in front of the computer screen, tearing their hair out.