Zoom Zoom Doodles

[singlepic id=471 w=320 h=240 float=left]One of the challenges of having a super-smart dog like these Australian Labradoodles is that you have be creative and keep them mentally challenged. This is especially true of Sam. I can keep him physically exercised, but if he doesn’t get the mental challenges he craves, he just doesn’t burn off the same kind of energy. I’m not exactly sure how to describe the difference. I think it’s mostly the difference between being tired and being relaxed. He doesn’t really relax until he’s used up all his mental energy. Continue reading

Doodles Love the Mountains

Sam in Scenery

I took Sam and Luke to the mountains near home today. I let them off-leash and we had a ball! I’m going to go again soon so we can get enough elevation to see snow. But for today, I’ll just have to settle for getting both–yes, both!–doodles to cross the creek, in the water!

I loved scrambling over the rocks and across the creek, back and forth a few times. We made our way up the hill for a while, until the clouds looked like they might cause us some problems. So we headed back and had just a great time the whole way… Continue reading

Kong Rescue

Doodles in Kong Heaven

Sam and Luke in Kong Heaven

The person who invented the Kong was genius in their inspiration. Almost as good as the bully stick in it’s power to tame my wild dervishes on a rainy day with no walk is the overstuffed Kong. We’re talking treats, biscuits, jerky, peanut butter–the works–stuffed and packed and jammed in there. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Continue reading

Luke Bloopers

[singlepic id=436 w=320 h=240 float=left]Getting a good photo of Sam is a piece of cake. In fact, you have to be really blowing it if you can’t take a few shots and walk away with at least one really nice picture. Sam poses. He’s still, he looks right at you, and he’s mostly interested in what you might be doing. Luke? Not so much! Continue reading

Sam and Luke Take to the Hills

[singlepic id=423 w=320 h=240 float=left]It was such a gorgeous day today. The weather was sunny and cool, and it was perfect for hiking with the dogs. I’ve been waiting for good, cool weather to set in so I can get serious about taking Sam and Luke on hikes. Australian Labradoodles can really tear up a trail, but they don’t like the heat! So on wonderful crisp and breezy days, it’s a treat to get out there and enjoy the hills. Continue reading

Bathtubs and Frisbees

It was Wash-a-Doodle weekend! The Doods don’t love getting a bath. Sam tolerates it better than his brother, who complains most of the way through. Luke is hilarious about the dog abuse leveled against him in the form of a bath and brushing. He moans and really voices his objections. But he makes it through and manages to get back to smiling, wagging and charming everyone around him. Continue reading