How to Live Life Like a Doodle

A “How To” list from Sam and Luke.
  1. Say Hello to everyone you meet.
  2. Take naps.
  3. Love your people with your whole heart.
  4. If someone you love is hurting, just sit next to them quietly until they feel better.
  5. Put your nose into it.
  6. Go for as many walks as you can every day.
  7. Bark at people who look like they might be threatening your loved ones.
  8. Don’t bite unless there are no other options. Even then, try not to bite.
  9. Smile.
  10. Ride with the windows down.
  11. Remember: Possession is nine-tenths of the law when it comes to toys and the preferred spot next to Mom on the couch.
  12. Don’t bark at the pizza delivery guy. He brings good stuff to the house.
  13. Drink lots of water.
  14. Don’t apologize for the farts. Heck, don’t even acknowledge them.
  15. Wag.
  16. Greet your people with kisses and smiles when they get home.
  17. Be sure to start the day off with a good snuggle.
  18. Be sure to end the day with a good snuggle.
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2 thoughts on “How to Live Life Like a Doodle

  1. OUTSTANDING!! You reallly have a gift. It sure says it all as far as we’re concerned. These dogs (I hate to call them dogs) are the best.


    • Thanks Ron! The Doods have certainly taught me a lot…I follow almost all of the rules daily… 🙂 Hey, did you ever figure out how to email me some pictures of your Doodle? I’ll post them for you. Would love to add yours to our Oodles of Doodles page…that’s not getting going as quickly as I’d like!!

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