It’s Fun to Make Friends on Twitter…UPDATED Go Steelers!

So I’m here at my desk at the office and I’m supposed to be working. But it’s Friday, and I. Don’t. Want. To.

Instead of dealing with the stuff on my desk, I’m messing around with Twitter. Way more fun. And I’m making some fun online friends. @Pistol_the_Pom posted that he (?) is editing photos and would anyone like one. Sure, I’m in! What are we doing? He just needs to know my favorite basketball team and he’ll do the rest. This is what he sent me.

I love this! Look at that…Sam’s a punk with his hat all backwards! This is hilarious and I want more of these…but I won’t be greedy.

Thanks Pom! Love it and hope you get more famous from the post! 😉
UPDATE: POM IS AWESOME…Did one in Steeler’s theme. The Doodles’ Daddy will be pleased!



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