In Search of Friendly Folk…

[singlepic id=721 w=300 h=300 float=left]Part of the quest on which we’ve embarked is to find, experience and share the great places we get to go with the doods. Oh, and take pictures, too! We always love to do that.

When we are figuring out where to go on our next adventure, we do what anyone else would do: we Google “dog friendly” and then see what we can come up with. Or we rely on word-of-mouth for recommendations. We did a combination of both for the fun day we had yesterday in Long Beach.

I heard in a random conversation that Belmont Shore in Long Beach is very dog friendly (word-of-mouth). So I jumped online to see what I could find down there (Google). Found a few things that seemed interesting and then chatted up some local folks to see what places they liked to take their dogs (back to word-of-mouth).[singlepic id=723 w=320 h=240 float=right]

But here’s the thing. There’s a big difference between a place that’s Dog Friendly and one that tolerates dogs. We are on the lookout to find the places that are truly Dog Friendly, and don’t just say you can bring your dog (but…please don’t). I have come to understand that a lot of “dog friendly” hotels/restaurants/places aren’t. For example: Really? A 25# weight limit? What does that actually accomplish anyway? I’ve seen little monster dogs who shed more, make more noise, are more menacing and more destructive than either one of my dogs have ever been. Anyway…I’m all about figuring out where the really friendly places are and writing about them. Maybe I’ll expose some “posers” along the way. I haven’t decided about exposing posers—I do prefer to keep it positive here!

[singlepic id=724 w=1000 h=300 float=center]I’ve heard of Rosie’s Dog Beach, but I hadn’t really looked into it. I tend to go to Huntington Dog Beach (and support it, too!). I’m undecided about whether the beach itself is as dog friendly as I’d hoped. Now before you start sending me hate mail, hear me out.

My reservations are several, but they are tempered by the good experience we had at the beach. I appreciate that there was a lot of effort put forth to create a space on the beach for dogs…and they were able to carve out a 3 acre area….but man, there are a LOT of rules. You can only take one dog per adult at a time, only a ball or a frisbee toy, stay on leash all the way out to the cones (that one makes sense), no food of any kind (ok, that one makes sense , too), no dogs on the path except to cross onto the beach…etc etc. Oh, and all the threats of being cited by anyone and their brother, including the lifeguards. Sheesh. Made me nervous.[singlepic id=722 w=400 h=400 float=left]

Well, we broke the rules, and I’m not sure we were the only ones. And the people at the beach were so nice! We made a lot of great acquaintances and played with some really cool dogs while we were there. There was great conversation, beautiful weather, and it wasn’t too crowded. Perfect. Oh, and the parking was unbelievable. I’m sure it was just the time of year and the fact that we were there on a Sunday…but I parked in the front row two steps from the beach!

[singlepic id=710 w=150 h=150 float=right]I think the only negative part of my experience at Rosie’s was getting my leg peed on by one confused little dog. It was weird, but how upset can a person get? I just walked into the water and rinsed the bottom of my pants in the ocean. Next…?

[singlepic id=708 w=320 h=240 float=left]As usual we got some good photos, and had a great time. My friend Dan brought his Rottweilers, Kona and Kael. They are nice dogs…and if anyone messes with us, Kona will look scary. But she’s just a big, sweet (93 pounds of) love.

Kael was born on the very same day as Luke, so they are exactly the same age. They are not, however, even remotely the same size!

After the beach fun, we got a great meal at a local restaurant that is truly Dog Friendly! More on that later. For now, the rest of the photos from today.

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  1. I’m not going to photoshop you out! Those are great pictures! That was fun. Enjoyed it and we will have to go back and try the vegan restaurant. I’m pretty sure you are going to LOVE that!

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