The Doodles Love TV

Sam”s never been much of a TV watcher. Luke, however, seems to love football. He loves football and anything that has dogs in it. Whenever there is a commercial or a TV show with dogs in it, Luke becomes very alert. It’s so cute to watch—well shoot, everything with these dogs is cute to watch!

So knowing that Luke loves to watch stuff with dogs in it, I got the bright idea to show him a documentary about dogs (yes, a dog-u-mentary) because I thought he’d like it. I was right…and Sam was into it too!

I think we can add the TV special called “Dogs Decoded” to the list of things the Doodles like. I would recommend it…not just because your dog might enjoy watching it, but because you certainly will find it very interesting! I linked to the PBS website, but we watched it streaming from NetFlix…just so you know you can also rent it if you want to.

Tomorrow’s post is coming up. We went exploring again…this time to another beach town. A nice morning with some good pictures to share….see you tomorrow!

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1 thought on “The Doodles Love TV

  1. Ha! Charlie LOVES the Animal Planet channel! He becomes 10ft tall & braver than a gladiator when he watches that channel!! hee hee.

    I have also nominated you for the Liebster blog award, mainly because you have a great blog & of course you love pooches too! Seriously I really enjoy reading your blog & you have unwittingly helped me continue on my journey 🙂

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