4 thoughts on “Daily Dog: A morning hike with Sam, Luke and Penny

  1. Hello, I’m Sasparillas mom, from HB in December. I would love to know where you like taking the kids to hike? We did Weir Canyon but it a but steep for me and Sassy. In January sassy was diagnosed with a heart murmur so we need to keep it easy until we figure out if its a puppy thing or not.

    • Hi there! I remember you well! I hope you saw the photos we posted of her. Great pup! Sorry to hear that Sassy has a heart murmur…I don’t know how serious that is in dogs…or humans, for that matter. We’ve never hiked Weir Canyon and we just did the Baldy hike to Ice House Canyon Saddle. That was a bit more strenuous than we usually do. The one you see here with Sam, Luke and their sister Penny is in Johnson’s Pasture at the top of Claremont. I would not classify it as difficult at all. A few steep-ish parts that are very short. The rest of the time it’s relatively rolling hills. Very nice. Also recommend Thompson Creek Trail for a relatively flat but scenic walk. Thanks for staying in touch with us! We loved meeting you and Sassy!

      • YES, we saw the pictures and I loved them. I lifted the two of them for my scrapbook pages. Loved the group shot, that was all my family and our pets!

        SO how do you find these hiking places? I wasn’t impressed with Weir Canyon and I don’t think Sasparilla was either! At one of our stops we had a rattle snake resting so that was concerning. Luckily he didn’t move as we went by.

        I haven’t gotten a definative on the murmur yet; I guess it can be nothing to something serious?? We are hoping it’s a puppy thing and she’ll outgrow it?

        Sassy’s growing bigger and bigger, you may not recognize her except she’s still all chocolate! Hope to see you at HB soon.

        • Hi Jolene–
          The hiking places that we’ve gone so far are near home, that’s how I know about them. Runyon Park is in Hollywood and I found out about it by doing some online research.
          I just tend to dig around until I find something that looks interesting. Sometimes I will get good ideas about stuff to do by talking to people I meet…so then I’ll research those ideas and check them out!
          Stay tuned because we are going to keep going on hikes and check different places out. We’ll give you our take on them as we go!

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