Sunday’s Hike to Ice House Canyon Saddle–second round of pictures!

[singlepic id=821 w=320 h=240 float=left]For those of you who have been waiting, here’s the next batch of pictures from yesterday’s hike. I am still working away on them, so I’ll keep updating the gallery tonight until I run out of time or out of steam!

Now, whenever I get moment, I need to figure out a new place to hike! Baldy is fun and it’s accessible and close. But we need to get the Doods off to a new hiking place for a fun adventure. Not that we are not already having fun!

Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think!

[nggallery id=39]

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4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Hike to Ice House Canyon Saddle–second round of pictures!

  1. since you went all the way to the saddle, how far did we actually make last week? I have Kona on a diet so she can make it to the saddle.

    • We didn’t make it to the trail head. We turned around pretty early…the Saddle is a bit of a challenge. I don’t know if it’s for Kona. I think Kael could do it because he’s so young, but it’s a really uphill haul.

  2. ok. I have faith in my princess. I did notice the trail seemed really narrow in your photos. I am going to buy the book 60 hikes within 60 miles of Los Angeles next time I go to REI. I may have to work her up to that hike. what hiking shoes did you buy?

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