Daily Dog: Luke

Luke—Jan 2012

I took this quick snap as we made our way home on our road trip in January. I stopped to let the Doods stretch their legs, and get a bit of sun. This is one of the photos I just got around to editing.

He’s a cute pup, if I do say so myself. It’s hard to believe he’s already almost a year old. Actually, he’s just shy of 11 months, at this point. How did that happen??

These past what, 9 months?, have gone by so quickly. And one thing we’ve settled on: Luke is a really cute dog, but it’s hard to appreciate this fully unless you see it in action for yourself. He’s just a sweet, little bear-puppy-clown.

As someone said recently, “his cuteness is in his eyes, and the way he looks at you”. Yup. That’s absolutely it. He does this thing where he looks at you and then turns his head a little, so he is looking out of the corners of his eyes. It’s just. so.cute. You can’t help but fall in love.


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2 thoughts on “Daily Dog: Luke

  1. I love the way when they look at you with that tongue hanging
    out. And the “BIG” brown eyes. Oh yes , and that sidewards glance
    with the whites of the eyes. That’s usually when Holly is ready to


  2. Luke is so adorable, and I love this photo. He looks like he’s enjoying the trip! I know what you are saying about the cute-ness. Darwin is so fluffy and cute but to really get the full effect you have to meet him in person. He’s bouncy and happy and it just make it so much more adorable. 🙂

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