It Pays to Have Friends in Dood-ley Places

So I’ve changed the banner for the blog, which I intend to do as often as I get decent, landscape-oriented shots of the Dos Doods. I got some feedback that the photo wasn’t too great, but I thought it was just fine. But then I got the bright idea to call upon the expertise of my friends on the Doodle Kisses site, to see what they had to say about my photo.

I belong to a group there that focuses on photography…and there are some truly talented photogs from whom to learn. So I posted a request for help…and I got a lot of really great ideas. Even better, Camilla “couldn’t resist tinkering” and really fixed my flawed photo. Pretty awesome. Check out the versions…and you can see my post on the Doodle Kisses Photography Discussion Board, with everyone’s really helpful comments here.

I love posting on this site because you get honest and helpful feedback and information, delivered in a respectful and helpful way! No one bashes…which is nice. Makes it much easier to ask for input!

Here is my first version, and the photo I requested to have critiqued:

First version submitted for critique

Second version with attempts at suggested changes:

I tried to make the changes...


…And then Camilla’s version:

Now, to figure out how to make changes that look like Camilla’s. That’s my challenge for the weekend…since I guess it’s going to rain like crazy.

I also just realized that Camilla has a couple of websites listed on her DK profile page. You should check those out, too!

Thanks again, Camilla…I’m using the banner now…and I need to figure out a way to make sure you are credited for your great help on this photo.

Oh, and you can probably count on me bugging you for more Photoshop training!

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