Doodle Spotlight: Meet Carnac & Siri

[singlepic id=880 w=420 h=340 float=center]I love doing these Doodle Spotlights! Today it is my pleasure to introduce Carnac and Siri! They are half-siblings, sharing the same father.

These are beautiful pups. Don’t they look perfect together? What a darling pair of doodles!

I don’t think I could tell the story of Carnac and Siri’s family nearly as well as their mom Tracy, so in her words:

Dave and I have been married a little over 6 years. (All this leading up to why we choose Australian Labradoodles). He had had two much loved dogs in his past, Muppet and Rags – both dogs with beards, mustaches and great personalities. When we met I had an old dog, and old cat and two old goldfish. The goldfish were the first to cross the rainbow bridge – they were 9 and 10 years old when they crossed! Then the dog – Freeway – who was a black lab mix. He was 15, and spent much of those years spreading black hair all over everything. I miss him still and but still have plenty of his fur around to remind me of him. Then the cat – Snickers, who was 21! I mention her as she is a testament to how much my husband loves me, since he was quite allergic.

[singlepic id=877 w=320 h=240 float=right]We decided that we’d wait 6 months after Snickers died before we’d consider a new pet. At about 5 months, my husband started saying “we need a dog”. At 6 months, I googled labradoodles (having heard about their almost shed free and allergy friendly coats, and found Curtis. “Oh my god” was what we both said when we saw the puppy on his website, and that was it – it was all we needed!! Cutest puppies ever, beards and mustaches as adults, and great coats!! Sold!

[singlepic id=875 w=420 h=340 float=left]We immediately got on the list for a CherriBear/Hank pup and started arguing about whether we wanted a boy or a girl. I wanted a girl, and Dave a boy, but since we were last on the reservation list we were happy that we wouldn’t have to choose. We decided on the name “Carnac The Magnificent” for a boy, since it is said that labradoodles are “empathic”, and if you are a fan of the old Johnny Carson show you will remember his Carnac character was “all knowing”. I can’t remember what we choose for a girls name, but it doesn’t matter, because somehow (we think Curtis had something to do with it) we got Dave’s first choice in the litter “Big Blonde Boy”. Carnac The Magnificant was ours! And boy, has he lived up to his name, magnificent for sure – everywhere we go people remark on his magnificence (but I’m sure all of Curtis’ puppies get this treatment). He never really went through a “puppy period” and the only thing he ever destroyed was toilet paper (ok, and one remote control). And he’s funny, like Johnny Carson. He spends alot of time seeking out things to put in his mouth to make us laugh, and chase him. Last week, he stole the remote control (again – definite no no) and ran around and around the backyard in the dark chomping on it just enough that it would light up and all I could see in the dark was red and yellow lights running around the yard. Couldn’t help laughing and I swear he did it on purpose.

[singlepic id=882 w=220 h=140 float=right]We were going to get another puppy in a few years, but Carnac was so friendly and personable, I started feeling bad about leaving him alone – he definitely is very social. That’s when we started talking about becoming a Dos Doodle family and I found your blog. Doodles are really addictive, and I was glad to find someone to validate my desire for another one!!! So, Siri is your fault.

[singlepic id=873 w=420 h=340 float=left]We started looking at Curtiss’ website again, and wound up with a Firefly/Hank girl (got my girl!!). Funny, I wanted a red girl really bad, but even though there was a gorgeous red girl in the litter, Dave and I both fell in love with Siri, who is a dark apricot/cafe colored girl. We named her Siri because we had to find something that went with the “all knowing” theme and if you know Apple products, you’ll understand.

Siri is sweet and loving, and smart, and energetic. Stubborn too. She’s all puppy, including chewing on shoes and furniture. Good thing Carnac didn’t do such things, or we might never have become a Dos Doodle family.

Thanks for the lovely story about becoming a Dos Doodles home. We are very glad to be at fault for such a fate to befall your family! And thank you for sharing all these great pictures!

Check out all the wonderful photos of Carnac and Siri:

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6 thoughts on “Doodle Spotlight: Meet Carnac & Siri

  1. There is no doubt that these Beaumonde doodles are bred for compassion
    and therapy. Carnac & Siri are super cute. We feel the same way about leaving Holly alone. We have been thinking about another doodle. But at our age we
    would like an older doodle, not a puppy. Great pictures, and nice piece that you wrote Tracy.

    • Lilikoi is beautiful! I hope Siri grows up as pretty as she is. That CherriBear/Hank litter was special – Luv is their sister too. All Beaumonde dogs are such good looking dogs. Hope to meet you and Lilikoi someday, maybe at Curtis’ next doodle romp.

    • Hey Ron & Toby – sorry, posted a comment for Paul here – sorry. Thanks for your nice comments about Carnac and Siri. It is great to have two doodles – they really keep each other occupied. This time around we have more “puppy” stuff to deal with, but it’s really not that bad, Siri is pretty mellow, was house trained (almost) pretty quickly, and slept through the night after about 3 weeks. Except for her determination that our shoes are her chew toys, she’s great. Carnac loves to be loved, Siri loves to love – a great combination. Hope you can find an older doodle. Holly is such pretty girl, and I hope we can get the 3 doods together someday.

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