Doodle Spotlight: Camilla and Darwin

[singlepic id=912 w=250 h=250 float=left]Folks, I feel so lucky to have met some of the people I’ve met because of my Dos Doodles—both in person and online! Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Camilla and her amazing [golden] doodle Darwin. Camilla is absolutely one of my favorite photographers. She is really talented and she’s the one responsible for the great photo of my doods at the beach that I’m able to use for one of the banners. I could not get that photo to look right. She just worked her magic, and voila! a picture I can use!
I’ve seen gorgeous photo after gorgeous photo of Camilla’s doodle, so I asked her if we could feature Darwin on the Dos Doodles blog. She provided us with some really great photos and a wonderful story.
Everyone, please meet Camilla and her beautiful doodle Darwin. Camilla tells us about her favorite dood:
[singlepic id=911 w=320 h=240 float=left]Since I was 3 years old, I have been obsessed with dogs, and have always dreamed of having my own. When I was very young, I received a dog encyclopedia and longingly studied every breed in it. Everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before I would get my own, and I’m sure they wondered which breed I would choose.
Well, when it came time that I could actually start thinking about it, I was so overwhelmed! I spent hours researching and I’d narrowed it down to either a Great Dane or a Goldendoodle. I loved them both for their temperaments, and their unique appearances. Now is the surprising part: even though I had done extensive research on breeders, I made the classic mistake. I used my heart and not my head…
[singlepic id=913 w=320 h=240 float=right] I went to look at Goldendoodle puppies from a local classifieds ad. Wiping the thoughts of health testing and pedigrees from my mind, I went to look at this litter. The woman who bred him did so out of curiosity/fun, and had a Golden Retriever, her friend had a Standard Poodle. You know the rest. There were 3 left, all males. Two rowdy white boys and one sweet apricot colored one. The apricot boy came right up to me for a snuggle and that was it. I was in love with this puppy, His name was “Wolverine” (could not be more inappropriate for him LOL) and I told her and my husband firmly that we would be coming back to put down a deposit for him.
When we got home I was questioned by my husband, asking if I was sure that I didn’t want a Great Dane, if I was sure that I didn’t want to find a puppy from a good breeder. I don’t know what my answers were, but they all came to the same thing. I was getting the apricot boy. We went back, and put down a deposit. A week or so later, “Wolverine” was ours.

[singlepic id=919 w=320 h=240 float=left]Darwin (his new and much improved name), is the best dog ever. I know, everyone says that, but I really mean it. 🙂 He is affectionate and goofy. He never barks, jumps, or chews, and loves everyone he meets, animal or person. He is naturally well behaved, which made it easy for me to implement all of the training I had planned for him. He aced puppy Kindergarten, and every other trick or behavior we’ve taught him. People are always impressed at how pleasant and well behaved he is, and we are so proud of him. He isn’t perfect of course, he has his vices. such as pulling on a leash, or shredding the occasional toilet paper roll, but it makes us laugh, and of course, love him even more.
[singlepic id=918 w=320 h=240 float=right]He will be turning 3 this May and I can’t believe that he is that old already! It seems that time has flown by, yet I can’t imagine our lives without him. My cheese loving goofball… already 3. I snapped pictures like crazy when we first got Darwin, and it’s only gotten worse. 🙂 People started asking about Darwin so often that I decided to start a blog. I posted photos of our adventures or just his cute moments, and I posted about my baking adventures, my other obsession. After getting my very own DSLR this past August, I knew I wanted to start blogging more and improving my photography.
[singlepic id=917 w=320 h=240 float=left]My blog has been somewhat erratic over the last few years, and last year I didn’t blog very often. But starting in January, I decided I wanted to do a 365 day challenge. Every single day, I take a picture and post it on my blog. I’m hoping that when the year is over, I will have 365 memories to look back on and smile at. So far it has been going great, and it’s helped me become a better photographer in the process.
[singlepic id=916 w=320 h=240 float=right]Back to Darwin. People often ask me about the breeder I got Darwin from, and I never know what to say. It’s a common story to hear of well meaning people choosing a puppy from the newspaper because they don’t know better. But I did, and I can’t explain it. All I can say is that I don’t regret Darwin one bit, but next time I WILL think with my head. Luckily Darwin has been healthy thus far. But I would never recommend the route we took to anyone. Good breeders are SO important! Adopting a [rescue] dog is another great option. When we do get a second dog, Darwin is going to LOVE having a sibling!
Oh, and by the way, Camilla is being quite modest. She downplays her blog (which is great) and her latest business news. She has launched her website Camilla Gomez Photography. Check her out. She’s great!
More Darwin pics:
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  1. Nice story. I’m glad Darwin found you. Now I know why people always ask if Carnac is a golden doodle. They look very similar!

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