Daily Dog: Twins

Luke and Kael have the same exact birthday. Same day, same year. Twins!

We met in puppy school last August, and this photo is from some play time before the Intermediate Class. Both dogs rocked this class…ok, actually, Kael rocked it.

Luke is super smart and he learns so fast. He does “sit-stay” and “heel-stay” like a champ. For those commands the trainer has us use a lunge line, put our dogs on a stay, and step across from them. Sometimes we are supposed to just stand there while our dogs are on a stay, sometimes we are supposed to do things to distract. And there is Luke, sitting across the way from me, smiling and looking so cute it just kills me.

When it comes to doing the “heel” exercises, I don’t think Luke sees the point. Generally, he will walk with me anywhere I want to go. But during class, this whole going in circles thing doesn’t seem like going anywhere. He gets really bored with that. He’s hilarious… he just kind of takes off in some other direction or looks for someone to play hooky with.

Next week is graduation. So what will the twins be doing next? I guess we’ll just have to see…!

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1 thought on “Daily Dog: Twins

  1. yes, they are so smart and do get really bored after about 30 minutes of walking in circles. we will have to find other options for expanding their training and socializing once this class is over. I am going to see about getting Maya to ad an advanced class to the schedule. they are going to get their final rattlesnake vaccine next wednesday. so maybe a short hike over Memorial day weekend

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