Daily Dog: Trail Dogs

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve had a whole lot of Daily Dog postings lately—as opposed to other types of posts. Yes, it’s true. But that’s because yours truly, La Puparazza, has been working a lot. Boo…

When we get time, I like to make sure to take the Doodles out and about. I consider it my duty to challenge, entertain and generally provide good days for these wonderful dogs. So when work is challenging and busy, I have to do stuff with the dogs and blog later! Again, boo…

However…we are going to be doing something really, really fun very soon. This will mean time for blogging! More pictures, more posts—more fun!

In the meantime, we did go up the hill to Mt. Baldy and made it to the Saddle again. I look forward to being in good enough shape to get myself and the pups past the Saddle and into the places beyond that I hear are quite nice and have lovely views.

So for now, a Daily Dog for your enjoyment, and more to come.

Even if I am restricted to (only) doing stuff with the Doods at the expense of blogging away (oh, poor, poor me…), we did have a great time, and I have some fun posts coming up! It may just take me a while.

Ciao for now!

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