Dog Was Our Co-pilot.

Australian Labradoodle, Dos Doodles, Sam as Co-pilot

OK, so we are back. Let me tell you, we had some adventures! Most of them were RV Newbie-related. RV-ing has a definite learning curve…and we were renting ours…so you can imagine there were a few things to figure out. Then the whole RV campsite thing was…well…it was a thing unto itself!

I promised a deluge. Hm. Well, that didn’t happen! All the RV spots said they had WiFi, so I thought for sure I would get to do little updates (at the very least) at night. They did have WiFi…but having actual internet that worked?….that was a different story! So we had to adjust some expectations about how all that would go.

But here we are: back home safe and sound, with a lovely time behind us…grateful to be back in comfortable surroundings, and we had a really nice vacation out on the road with Sam and Luke.

Here’s a picture of what our travels were like when we were on the move. Sam hanging with Dad as we drove to our next location…usually with some stops in between for anything that looked like it might be fun for the Doods. More to come in a bit…

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  1. We did this we our doodle Ruby-doodles! She loved it and co-pilot obviously comes natural in a doodle personality, we did it round the Uk though! Great fun, but wifi???? What’s that!!!!!

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