Road Trip: Sedona

[singlepic id=925 w=400 h=240 float=left]Our first stop was Sedona. It was a long day of driving for this first portion of our trip and we didn’t get into the Rancho Sedona RV Park until well after dark, and well after the check-in office was supposed to be closed for the day. Thankfully the nice lady (whose name I’ve managed to forget, sorry!!) could see we are completely at a loss as to what our next step should be once we’d arrived. She walked us through getting settled, and thank goodness…we were so tired we could hardly see straight. What nice people!

On our way into Sedona (that was an absolutely gorgeous drive, by the way!!) it was not such a fun discovery to find out that I am exceptionally allergic to Cottonwood tree pollen. So the next morning it was about a million degrees Fahrenheit , my head was exploding and everything about our RV was malfunctioning: hoses (yes, even the really gross one), the fridge, the AC…all of the important stuff wasn’t working or was broken or leaking or something! We were trying to deal with all of that while I was having a super-major allergy attack and was doped up on benadryl. I did everything but run into walls on that stuff. Benadryl makes me essentially non-functional, so I guess I was malfunctioning, too! Again, thanks to a different nice lady in the front office, we managed to get ourselves through it.

In spite of all our technical issues….the RV park in Sedona was really very nice. We were next to some trees where Blue Herons were nesting. That was lively with bird activity, but cool to see. The park itself is located right along the river that runs next to town, so it’s close to everything. It’s quiet and low-key (Blue Herons notwithstanding). A good first stop for us![singlepic id=926 w=400 h=240 float=right]

The next morning we walked into town in search of coffee and breakfast and found a great little place tucked off the main drag called L’Espressino. The food was really great. Best breakfast I’d had in a while. If you are in or near Sedona, I’d recommend this little restaurant the food is wonderful and the service is great. They have really nice outdoor seating and they are very dog friendly! Loved it!

[singlepic id=928 w=320 h=240 float=left]You can read more about L’Espressino at L'espressino Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon

[singlepic id=927 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=929 w=320 h=240 float=right]We didn’t stay to see what the heck the Vortex is all about, and I probably would have benefitted from some healing crystal therapy for the allergies. But time is short when you are out looking for trouble to get into…so heading out of town was our next-best solution to the allergy problem…and we had to get to our next destination. We enjoyed our short stay in Sedona, and now back to our mission to check out some national parks…next stop: Grand Canyon.

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3 thoughts on “Road Trip: Sedona

  1. Wow– welcome back! Missed you guys! Am really enjoying reading your travelog with the Doodles! What a great adventure and looking forward to reading more mi Amiga! So sorry about the allergy attack and the equipment malfunction –yuck — and it sounds like you stayed in your wonderfully optimistic self that your are cherished by so many for — (mushy I know.) Looking forward to reading more!! Really love the pics so far — those are two good looking doodles you have :)!!!

  2. Wow, some great pictures. Can’t wait to hear the stories. Chloe has missed the boys like crazy…. She’s needing some beach action….

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