Daily Dog: What is an Australian Labradoodle?

This. This is an Australian Labradoodle. Happy, loving, super-smart, approximately 60% human. Bundle of love and joy. The perfect snuggle partner (especially if yours is not available) and general best friend.

I hope you either have one of your own or get one. I had to get two, so I should warn you that the whole “doodle thing” is addictive. So if you have a problem with getting hooked on things, be careful. Just remember, I warned you!

The second one is just as awesome as the first, so don’t fall into the delusional thought process I indulged in—I figured if I had two, then I would love each about half as much as the first. Ha.

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10 thoughts on “Daily Dog: What is an Australian Labradoodle?

    • Hello Nephew!
      You are one BOSS kid. Who the heck is teaching you all these terms? Tell your uncle to mind his own beeswax!
      The boys (or labrapoodles, as you like to call them) are looking forward to seeing you on Monday! We challenge you to another game of bocce ball. I think the next game is my lucky game!

    • I know that feeling. I’m pretty sure my doodles are people. Don’t tell anyone. I think it makes me sound a little crazy…

  1. I have a labradoodle and her face looks jus like your dog’s face. Her hiar is longer and a little less curly though. Her name is Orlah. I didn’t even want a dog when my wife said she wanted to ge one. Now I cannot imagine my house without her. If she is anything like mine, she is waiting for you to throw that stick. LOL!

    You said 60% human. We have to spell certain words because she knows what we are talking about. What a hoot!

    • Hi there! We’d love it if you’d post a picture of Orlah in the Oodle Of Doodles gallery! She sounds wonderful! I thought I might get called out on the “60% human” comment because I really think I was estimating a little low… 🙂
      So glad you have a doodle that you love so much. They are awesome, in the truest sense of the word!
      Thanks for leaving a note…great to hear from you. Stay in touch!

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