Wiggle Waggle Walk 2012

[singlepic id=1156 w=275 h=275 float=left]Yep. We did it again. We gathered up some friends and we attended the Wiggle Waggle Walk again this year. As always, we love to support a great cause, and this one is just that. Wiggle Waggle is a fundraising event to benefit the Pasadena Humane Society and all the great work that they do. I think they even made their goal this year…so that’s good news!

[singlepic id=1154 w=275 h=275 float=right]This summer has had some amazingly hot weather, and it didn’t let up for our morning out. It was so so so hot that day! It’s cooled off since then, but holy mackerel. The announcer even encouraged folks not to consider it a failing to do the 3 mile walk. We thought about it, we talked about it and when we got to the fork in the road, we chose the 1 mile walk. So on the Wiggle Waggle Walk we did the unthinkable. The unimaginable. The thing that could not possibly happen. We wimped out. We veered right and walked the short route. It was just too hot for the Doods. For all the dogs, really.

But we are planning to go back and do the “real walk” in a couple of weeks. We wanted to do it, but it wasn’t worth torturing the dogs. Or ourselves!

[singlepic id=1167 w=275 h=275 float=right]Doesn’t matter. We had a good time anyway. We met some new dogs and their people. We didn’t stick around for the after-walk festivities. Instead we went to Lucky Baldwin’s for brunch and to beat the heat. They are always so nice to us when we bring our dogs, and they have great beer and food.

We’ll do it again next year. I’m hoping for less ridiculous weather!

Some photos of our day:
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2 thoughts on “Wiggle Waggle Walk 2012

  1. It’s finally started to cool off here…I hope we are not in for one more heat blast, although it’s not out of the realm of reasonable possibilities. Unfortunately! It’s so lovely these past couple of days I almost want to commit to a long hike tomorrow morning! 🙂

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