Instagram is taking over my life…

Ummmm, I have a new obsession. I can’t help myself. I get into these things…they are fun!

I’ve become completely hooked on Instagram and have found some amazing and truly entertaining feeds to follow. So I decided to see if I can get people to share their feeds here, as well. That way, if you don’t want or don’t have your own Instagram, you can just check them out here.

Cool, right?

If you do have an Instagram and you want us to add it to our group here on, just leave me a note in the comments—just need your instagram account name (no password or anything!) and whether you want the whole feed posted or just photos you tag #dosdoodles.

This is going to be fun!

Spread the joy!

4 thoughts on “Instagram is taking over my life…

  1. Hello to all you DOODLES down there in Southern California!
    If we weren’t in LOVE with you before {which we were} we for sure are now!
    Now that’s we’ve read everything about how AWESOME you are!
    Just so fabulous that Luke and Sam get to go to the office and do therapy everyday. If I had a problem, if my mood needed lifting, if I was down in the dumps~all I would need to do is lay down and let those two DOODLES love all over me!
    That’s the best kind of therapy in the world!
    Delighted to be getting to know you through Instagram!
    Thanks for adding Blooming on Bainbridge to your blog roll!
    Cheers to being IG friends!
    Maybe one day we can all meet and play on a SUNNY beach in California!

    • Hi Teresa! You can subscribe by email easily! Just click on the “Subscribe” button above the “Highlight Reel”. There’s a tab in the pop up box that says “email”. Just click on that and then follow the prompts. 🙂

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