Camera Swag!

I told you I was going to be getting a bunch of swag for the doodles. And I will. I really will. But there’s so much cool stuff out there. How do I sort through it all? It’s especially hard to sort through all the cool stuff for the doodles when I am distracted by all the cool stuff I could get for taking pictures.

Aha…and now we might be getting a window into what my hold up might be! I have been looking at camera stuff lately. I have my eye on something specific. I will tell you about that another time. (Think camera…) For now, I’m playing around with my new little gadgets. I think there’s still a learning curve with them…but I did have some fun playing around with them today.

So what did you get, Puparazza?? I’ll show you!

Yup I got these cool little babies for the camera on my cell phone. I think I like ’em. I probably need to make some adjustments. For instance, the edges of some of the photos aren’t clear…but that might be because I smudged the lenses…who knows.. In the meantime, I do have some photos that show how they work
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So lets go in the order that they suggest. Starting with the Wide Angle and Macro…

These lenses are easy. You apply a little metal ring to your phone that encircles your phone camera lens and then the lenses stick to that metal ring magnetically.t

I’m pretty klutzy so I don’t feel great about how well the lenses stick to the phone. So that means I feel like I have to be extra careful. You don’t just stick these things on and go. It’s more like you stick them on and take the picture. I’m not complaining….I’m just letting you know. I’m not that coordinated, so it’s a thing for me.

OK. Starting with the wide angle / macro combo lens

The doodles with the regular lens

Here’s the same photo…mostly…but with the wide angle lens.


You can see how much the wide angle adds to the picture when I crop it.

Without the wide angle:
With the wide angle:

With and Without Macro:















And then just for kicks….I realized that my cell phone has a macro setting…how does that work? Hmmm. Thought I would check it out along with the fisheye lens…this is what that looked like:

A cool pile o’ leaves shot with the macro setting on my phone and a fisheye lens.

Telephoto—The photos I took with the telephoto lens didn’t work out as well as I hoped. So don’t judge too harshly. I’m not sure why the photos aren’t clear. It could be that there was some operator error. I’ll do some more playing around with the lens and report back. In the meantime. This little lens magnifies 2x. Look at the difference between the bushes right behind the doodles as well as the clouds around the mountains. Really shows the difference.
Without the telephoto lens:

With the telephoto lens:

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And for fun…a coupla fisheye photos of my favorite doodles:

There’s more stuff to come…soon!

OK, in the meantime…and I know I’m repeating myself here….let me know if you want to go the Doodle Day of Beauty! 🙂

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