If you don’t know about Sudsy Dog…

…you really ought to!

I’ve got both dogs in training classes and there is homework. I have to take the dogs to new places as often as possible, but at least two times per week. I have my work cut out for me with Sam. I take him so many places with me already, I will have to change my routines and think of new places for him to go. I need help coming up with ideas!

It’s easier to find new places to take Luke because everything for him is a first. That list is rapidly growing shorter, but for now it’s still easier.

Yesterday I took the dogs to Sudsy Dog in Lakewood on a double mission. I needed to have them be somewhere new and Luke really, really needed the hair around his eyes trimmed. I could not get him to hold still for me at all, so I enlisted the help of my friend Cindi Heslin, who is one of the owners of Sudsy Dog Wash. We got a couple of pictures of Cindi—and that’s Yasmin in the background washing a dog in a couple pictures. She’s Sudsy Dog’s other owner. Very nice people here!

So Luke got a trim on the grooming side and a wash on the self-dog wash side. This is a really great dog washing place. It’s super clean and these folks have a really nice facility. If you are in the area (it’s worth a trip over, if you are not), check them out!

Sam hung out behind me, hoping that if he was quiet enough I’d forget to give him a bath. Nope…not today, buddy. Your bath is after the dog park on Monday!

Some pictures of Luke’s adventure below. All taken with the crummy cell phone camera. Quality is not so hot, but still cute.

[nggallery id=6]

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