Bathtubs and Frisbees

It was Wash-a-Doodle weekend! The Doods don’t love getting a bath. Sam tolerates it better than his brother, who complains most of the way through. Luke is hilarious about the dog abuse leveled against him in the form of a bath and brushing. He moans and really voices his objections. But he makes it through and manages to get back to smiling, wagging and charming everyone around him.

After the dreaded bath/trim trip, the boys got to play frisbee and run around doing a general meet-and-greet with anyone who happened by. Here are some pictures of the day.

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2 thoughts on “Bathtubs and Frisbees

  1. Hi Peggy–
    I do some of the grooming myself, and I’m not that good at it. I’m really trying to get better, but it’s sort of an art. I’m not an artist…so, I hack away and try not to do too much damage. Mostly, I try to keep the mats out, the head shaped up to some extent and the eyes trimmed.
    When It gets too far out of control I’ve started taking them to Sudsy Dog in Lakewood. I’ve done a couple of posts about them on the blog. Cindi now does the grooming for me and in addition to the fact that she really does a nice job (i.e. she’s good at this!), she’ll let me be there while she’s working on the dogs to ask me questions and make sure she’s going the direction I want. Of course you don’t have to be there…but it’s an option!
    I should also mention that she actually scissor cut Sam, which most groomers I’ve found won’t do. They really want to use the clippers. I can understand why: it’s faster and easier for them. But the results aren’t nearly as nice. Sam left the last grooming appointment looking nicely shaped up, not all clipped! Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve left a grooming appointment not having to talk myself into accepting that it’s “just hair, it will grow back”.
    So, there you have it. Another review of Sudsy Dog…a fav of mine!

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