The November Light

I love November. I love the light in November… Look around you this month and notice the light, it’s golden and special. The light during this month makes things glow and appear more vivid than at any other time of year.

This is sort of a magical time of year, and I love taking pictures in this light. I caught some of it on my hike with the dogs. Here are some photos of my beautiful dogs in this beautiful month…enjoy.

[nggallery id=14]

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2 thoughts on “The November Light

  1. Loved all of your pictures. we have one of Curts’ pups also. Rufus will be 2 next month, from Pumpkin and Hank . He’s the best dog there is. We call him a Duman, dog and human! Has only one fault, he’s a chewer, tissues, any thing in sight. I go to bed and he goes on the hunt! Glad I found your web page!

    • Hi Peggy!
      Thanks for visiting my blog! I would love to see some pics of Rufus…happy to post them, if you’d like! The more the merrier!. I agree with you that these dogs are almost human…I have a lot of people tell me that Sam is almost like a person. Duman, for sure! And I think we each have the best dog in the world. I know I do. I got the best two, right? (wink wink)

      In terms of the chewing, we crated both dogs anytime we couldn’t directly supervise them. I think that may have been part of the reason they play with and chew on their toys and don’t bother much of anything in the house except maybe socks and underwear 😉 oh, and the occasional kleenex or paper towel. We don’t crate them too often any more. Sam doesn’t even really have a crate at this moment, but he’s so amenable I’m pretty sure he’d go right in if I got one for him. I put Luke in the crate if I think it’s possible that he might have an accident in the house or if he’s being a little corkscrew—and that’s rare. He usually just goes in there to nap and we leave the door open. They both sleep with me now, too! That’s going to be very nice for the winter—big, soft, fluffy, cuddly foot warmers!

      Thanks again for stopping by the blog and leaving me a note. It’s fun to hear from other folks who love their dogs as much as I love mine!

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