Daily Dog: Swag Alert

You have to admit it. These backpacks are cute. I’m starting into a new phase of Doodle Madness. I’m pretty sure I’m going over the top because now I’m all about accessorizing.

This is weird. I’m not a big shopper by nature. So I don’t know what to make of this new thing I’m doing.

Hold on everyone. It’s probably going to be a bumpy ride. I think I’m going to have to channel my deep desire to get another puppy (thwarted effectively by threats of divorce) into cool new stuff for the doods. I still need to order a collar for Luke. And a spiffy leash from D&T like I got for Sam. Who knows what else I’m going to get…


Boys in Backpacks

All packed up and ready for an adventure.

Well, I am going to have to get off my duff and haul out the big camera. I’ve been doing these little out-and-about shots with my phone camera. They just aren’t cutting it in terms of the quality. But in terms of just cuteness, they’ll do in a pinch!

So here are the boys in their backpacks. How cute is that? Really! I got Sam used to his and enjoyed not having to schlep the doodles water on our hike. I decided to get a pack for Luke. He didn’t love his as much, but he’s getting used to it.

However, note to self: don’t make the dogs wear a backpack for a run in 90 degree heat. Duh! It’s been so hot here, and it was cooler today so I thought it was actually cool. I didn’t realize it was 90 degrees until we were all out there panting. What was I thinking? Actually, it’s not reasonable! So I soaked the boys down to take advantage of the breeze and cut our run short.
Still…so cute to see the boys in their gear. I love that!

Run for the hills!


I love to go hiking or running with the Doods in the morning. There really is nothing better. See that structure in the background? That’s three miles in from our starting point. It’s also where there were a group of admirers… They had to pose for pictures. Again. Poor doods.

So that was three miles in, and if my math is correct, that means three miles out. Six miles-ish. This was intended to wear them out. I was pretty sure I did a good job of that.
Here’s what they decided to do after the hike (and breakfast)… image

So…maybe not so worn out?